A History of Innovation, Passion and Quality.

Awnings, Bioclimatics and Pergolas

A positive outcome guaranteed by new and innovative products, with a registered design,
which met with excellent feedback from customers.
Today BT Group has over 280 employees, and two production sites of over 41,000 square meters.

An innovative and revolutionary aluminum slat system that can be seamlessly integrated into various pergola solutions, taking over the function of the posts.

CODE stands as the emblem of custom-made: every outdoor project becomes unique and exclusive

Thermal comfort and the possibility of exploiting the elements of nature for wellbeing, are the characteristics of the bioclimatic pergolas.

In aluminium, wood or wrought iron and customizable, pergolas are a haven of peace for gardens and terraces, where they create new and elegant settings for outdoor enjoyment.

Practical and functional, with attention to detail, ensure effective sunscreen and enhance with keeping any architectural environment.

Resistant and robust shelters and tunnels give a touch of charm to entrances and street furniture with materials and technologies.

Suitable for medium to large surfaces, tents with side guides combine functionality and design to satisfy every need of coverage.

High quality furnishing accessories, to experience the outdoors in comfort

Functional, practical, and with attention to detail, they provide effective sun protection and enhance any architectural context.

BT Group

For over 67 years, innovation, passion and quality.
The organization of shipping throughout Italy and around the world is daily history for the company that today is positioned as a global icon in the outdoor furniture sector.

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70th Anniversary

The continuous development has led the BT Group to reach the significant milestone of 70 years in the sun protection industry.

The company has witnessed the transition from one generation to the next, consistently maintaining a solid and steady leadership position.

Why Choose BT Group


We can guarantee you a 10-year liability insurance: This is an insurance for property or personal damages resulting from proven causes related to product defects.

100% manufactured in Italy

The products of the BT Group are entirely manufactured in Italy and represent quality, style, and prestige, guaranteed over time. We select the best materials and carefully control our production phases.

Registered design

The BT Group has a range of products with a registered design. The presence of this logo on the displayed products highlights the exclusivity and uniqueness that distinguishes us in our industry.

Stainless steel screws

The typology of our structures is such that we can meet any kind of requirement with excellence. All fittings are made of stainless steel, except in special cases where the mechanical requirements demand materials with superior properties.

Resistance against
Wind load

Tents bearing the specified brand name are products of particularly high quality and high mechanical resistance against wind loads.

Custom Made

The BT Group offers custom-made products for every type of requirement. Each project is unique and pursued with great care and attention to detail to provide tailored experiences.


We are present throughout Europe