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Pergolas Solarium

Solarium pergolas are structures which, in terms of appearance and materials, are reminiscent of classic pergolas. Only ideal for transforming gardens, terraces, balconies, courtyards and penthouses into shaded areas of comfort and privacy. Quality products, designed and manufactured in harmony with the surrounding environments, so that they can integrate perfectly, giving an extra touch of style to homes. Versatile and tailor-made for the customer, the solariums are products with which it is easy to stand out with elegance and refined design.

BT Group has created a practical and functional Pergola Solarium Collection, which can be customized in detail according to taste and needs and enriched with options that embellish every single element. From simple remote control movement to the possibility of integrating led line lights into the uprights and structures to create soft atmospheres even in the evening and at night. For those who love classic shapes and are looking for pergolas that adapt to any architectural context, find in the BT Group Solarium Collection, the ideal solution for living outdoor living in style….   Read more

Solarium pergolas: elegant aesthetic impact

Ideal for shading small and large open spaces, the BT Group pergolas of the solarium line are highly decorative and at the same time extremely functional elements. The solariums can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. They are moved by motor mechanisms that make opening and closing quick and easy. The structures exploit the ductility and strength of the aluminum alloy to ensure surprising durability over time. And it is thanks to this material that aluminum pergolas do not require extensive and constant maintenance.

Aluminum is a resistant and versatile material, which can be worked in any shape you wish. Chosen to leave room for the creativity of designers, as well as the needs of customers, it is a material that looks and respects the environment. Its environmental impact is in fact very, very low, being a 100% biodegradable element and in every phase of its life.

With solarium pergolas it is possible to recreate suggestive settings thanks also to options such as the LED lines for the evening lighting system. The lights, white or RGB dimmable, in addition to performing a concrete illuminating function, help to immerse yourself in veiled atmospheres of relaxation that can be enjoyed at any time of the evening.

Masterpieces of beauty!

The BT Group solarium pergolas are absolute masterpieces of beauty, technique and resistance. Perfect fusion of elegance, functionality and comfort. Linear and clean roofs integrate perfectly into buildings, giving the opportunity to take advantage of outdoor spaces throughout the year. New generation pergolas that offer all the comforts that open space or reserved environments require. They create refined environments, but at the same time essential and functional. The solariums of the BT Group range can be installed individually, or placed side by side by several modules, to reach multiple widths. A visual and functional pleasure, multiplied according to the size of the area to be shaded and protected.
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