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A pioneering enterprise, products of excellence, the history and philosophy of Italy’s leading entrepreneurship: this is the essence of BT Group: The company’s identity is inevitably bound to the idea of a DREAM, a PROJECT that began at the beginning of the Fifties and that still continues to attain market goals. Just like the best Italian stories, a man’s IDEA turned into a little craftsman’s workshop in the centre of Monza, in the heart of Brianza’s manufacturing district of the Post-Second World War years.



Thus, the company’s first core-business concerned upholstery and soft furnishings, a shoot in the economy that found fertile ground in a sector that was inevitably destined to expand.

During the Seventies, production shifted from that specific sector to solar protection and from this moment onwards, the company embarked upon an important development process until, in 1982, it turned into an industry with a plant in Lesmo. Time went by and business continued for two generations, acquiring the know-how and experience of the MEN-ENTREPRENEURS who forged the history of BT Group.

Since the Eighties, the second generation of DREAMERS-DOERS has been guided by Aristide Radaelli, responsible for the company’s recent expansion in terms of market line and product excellence. The technologically advanced industrial division covers an area of some 7,000 sq m. It is equipped with the most innovative machinery, an ultra-modern coating system that uses environment-friendly powder coatings, and a 2,200 sq m showroom.

At the beginning of the ’90’s, Radaelli had another happy inspiration whereby the company decided to create its own foundry, thereby achieving vertical integration of the entire production process for aluminium panels.
During these past 20 years, BT Group has successfully faced a continually evolving market and has constantly used the best industry trends to advantage. Expansion both in Italy and world-wide are the direct consequence of borderless corporate progress and important outlays for TECHNOLOGY, RESEARCH, INVESTMENTS and ENHANCEMENT OF HUMAN POTENTIAL.


The industrial project


BT Sud was born in 2012, BT Centro in 2013 and the company project of geo-localized approach to the national reference target continues, on the sidelines of an ever greater presence in foreign markets and especially in Europe, Brazil, Canada, the Middle East and Asia.

Currently the company is ISO certified which at an international level certifies the optimal organizational management of the company. The INNOVATION component has always assumed a predominant role in the BT Group with the registration of numerous state-of-the-art patents at national and European level.

In addition, investments in production spaces and new technologies have made it possible to create a complete cycle of services, which include the design, packaging and assembly of exclusively made-to-measure structures.



2012 was a crucial turning point for the BT Group which recorded a significant increase in turnover compared to the previous year.
The continuous business success reveals not only a highly qualified production chain, in which the entire process of creating the product is controlled from the raw material to the realization of the finished piece, but also by the refinement of the best design solutions for outdoor furniture.

A positive result therefore guaranteed by new and innovative products, with a registered design, which met with excellent feedback from customers. Today BT Group has 150 employees, a production site of 25,000 square meters.

The philosophy

As a guarantee of the recognized importance of the BT Group reality, the structure is a member of EXO, the consortium of outdoor excellence which includes the most prestigious Italian companies in the production, design and marketing of pergolas. BT Group is among the members of the EXO Board with the aim of enhancing the “Made in Italy” outdoor excellence.

For years, the company has been committed to formulating effective responses to customer needs, trying to propose a complete offer and making use of the latest technological innovations on the market, with particular attention to eco-sustainability.

BT Group products are entirely made in Italy, an expression of quality, style and prestige guaranteed over time. The careful choice of materials used, the controls of the production phases, make BT Group not only a choice of quality but a status-symbol that sublimates the “100% Made in Italy” product.

The key principles of the company philosophy are the attention to design in the creations combined with the use of eco-sustainable materials that guarantee significant energy savings, but above all the reduction of environmental pollution.

The green soul of BT Group is embodied in daily actions and choices: the company offers a wide range of RAL colors and uses the best brands of sunscreen fabrics.

Manufacturing process

Each of our company’s activities is based on solid values that have led to our success: optimal working conditions, environmental sustainability, attention to product quality and respect for people. Each step in the creation of our products is planned and carried out in a unique way: a supply chain without parallel in this sector.

The machinery used, as well as our highly technological production process, have been created ad hoc for our company in order to best meet the needs of the market. Our added value? The eye and skilful hand of a real person: each step in our production process is followed by a specialist employee who always certifies the quality of the result.

Customisation is the real keyword: In our headquarter based in Lesmo, we consider it a right of the consumer, who can count on the ability of skilled
professionals to develop solutions tailored to individual taste and need. Each material, selected and processed in compliance with strict quality parameters, must pass strict quality and conformity tests, a necessary step to certify the resistance, safety and durability of our products. From design to delivery, everything is masterfully orchestrated to ensure the excellent quality of products and services.

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