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Vertical Blinds

They are the ideal complement of terraces, balconies and windows. The drop awnings with simple lines and vibrancy of the fabrics add a touch of color to the buildings and ensure the right sunscreen. BT Group offers a wide range of models: both free and guided. The drop awnings company are certified and guarantee a high mechanical resistance to the wind. Attention to detail and with a minimal design, some models are also fitted with cases to further protect the fabric. Discover the model that best suits your needs….   Read more

Different customization solutions for drop awnings

The aluminum profiles of the drop awning box can be customized in over 50 different colors. The palette was created and selected by expert designers and architects, with particular attention to the most contemporary trends.

The painting of all BT Group drop awnings is carried out directly in the company plant, following strict quality standards, using only polyester powders. Paints that guarantee the maximum brilliance of the colors, an anti-aging resistance higher than the standard and ease of cleaning, as well as maintenance. In addition to custom painting, it is also possible to select the cover sheet from numerous proposals in the Fabrics Collection. Quality materials with excellent strength, durability, refined aesthetics and unparalleled performance.

Drop awnings: guaranteed protection from UV rays

The awnings guarantee effective protection from UV rays. It all depends on the cover fabric and its thickness. The greater the thickness, the higher the protection the awning offers. The color of the fabric is also important for this function. In fact, the darker colors absorb a greater number of rays, while the lighter and more tenuous ones absorb a smaller amount. In addition, the decreased penetration of sunlight into the internal environment leads to significant energy savings. Less rays, less heat, fewer air conditioners on in summer.

But it is not only the protection from UV rays that is guaranteed thanks to the use of drop awnings. In fact, the curtains also act as protection from prying eyes. They effectively protect privacy, so you can enjoy our outdoor space, be it garden or terrace, without having to worry about strangers. So outdoor blinds are not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but also a very useful element for the home.

Innovation, resistance, durability and guarantee

In order for the outdoor drop awnings to work properly, regardless of the weather conditions and the different positions that the fabric could take, BT Group also takes care of the installation, using state-of-the-art technologies in the sector.

The installation systems designed by BT Group ensure constant and homogeneous tensioning of the fabric, whatever the opening position. Even in the presence of strong breezes, the stability of the awning is always guaranteed and, even when gusts of wind swell the fabric, the front of the awning does not come off.

Motorized movement and unique lighting solutions

Probably the most used awnings are the drop awnings. Used both for balconies and to protect the space of a gazebo in the garden, they consist of panels that fall vertically, usually flush, and remain perfectly vertical. This type of curtain is often composed of two parts: the first is that of the panels, which fall vertically and which act as a shield against the sun’s rays. The second, on the other hand, is that consisting of a lower part that protrudes beyond the balcony balustrade and which, remaining a little higher, serves to give more light and / or air.

The drop awnings are operated by a roller around which the panels are wrapped and which allows them to descend vertically on any side you prefer. The movement is motorized and is conveniently controlled by remote control. In general, drop-down awnings are used on balconies that already have their own cover and therefore serve to screen only the sides, to offer greater shelter and greater privacy. The BT Group drop awnings can also be equipped with special integrated sensors that automatically detect strong wind and bad weather, thus allowing the automatic closing of the awning.

Finally, the BT Group outdoor drop awnings also include the integration of an elegant LED lighting in the lower profile of the hermetic box. This delightful detail, in addition to being aesthetically very beautiful to look at, offers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor environments even in the evening hours of the day. It is a simple and functional solution, which transforms the dehors into comfortable and suggestive environments, where functionality and aesthetics mix to give life to unique spaces.

Drop awnings: always choose quality

Drop awnings drop vertically from a roller and can offer both front and side protection. They are often used on balconies that already have a top cover. The most common example of use is that of a neighbor’s balcony above, or a canopy. In addition to being decorative elements for balconies and terraces, they are also very useful for ensuring greater privacy.

Choosing drop curtains requires good caution. In fact, it is necessary to take into account several factors. One of these is, undoubtedly, the quality control of the material of the rollers around which the sheets must wrap and which must ensure their descent smoothly. Furthermore, it is also important to understand well what we expect from the covering of the curtains, in order to be able to choose the fabric well, perhaps waterproof.

The drop awnings are equipped with guides that allow the cover sheet to remain fixed to the sides and / or to the ground during descent and ascent. The choice of guides depends on the function and / or taste of the customer. BT Group makes available its experience and know-how acquired in decades of activity, to better advise its customers in choosing the best product that best suits their needs.

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