Side Rail Awnings

Covering average surfaces degrees frontally and also can handle both winch motor: in fact of awnings those with lateral guides are very functional. For the classical models with lateral guides, BT Group also proposes blinds with guides above the cloth which give the typical effect in ‘wave’, for spaces such as verandas, wooden pergolas and skylights, however, the company has also specially designed structures to keep in tension the cloth in any position Discover the model that best suits your needs!

Terrace awnings with lateral guides: comfortable and functional

Comfortable and functional, the awnings for terraces with side guides are the perfect solution to solve various exposure problems in buildings and condominiums, single private homes, gardens, arcades and commercial premises.

Side guides are not the only solutions that can be adopted. In fact, from the BT Group catalog you can also find models of different types and sizes, with the guides placed above the cloth. An aesthetically very appealing solution that creates a pleasant and refined wave effect. These are products that combine functional and aesthetic solutions in a single solution. Precious materials combined with innovative technology at the service of functionality and practicality, without forgetting aesthetics and contemporary trends.

The BT Group awnings for terraces with lateral guides have simple and clean lines that fit with elegance and naturalness within the context in which they are installed. Condensed in technique and aesthetics, they are not only decorative, but also and above all functional elements. They guarantee unparalleled durability over the years, keeping the aesthetic beauty intact. Waterproof, fireproof, stain-resistant and anti-UV, BT Group awnings for terraces are the ideal solution to any need that requires guaranteed innovation, quality and resistance.

Awnings for verandas and open spaces

Sometimes it is necessary to think about the shading of open spaces overlooking gardens and parks. In these cases, the best solution to adopt is to use structures that allow the sheet to be kept in traction, whatever the position adopted. This solution allows the structure to acquire greater versatility, making it perfect to meet the most diverse needs.

Verandas, aluminum pergolas, solariums, skylights, etc … Each of these structures lends itself perfectly to this type of solution, increasing the aesthetic value of the environment in which they are installed. Quality that meets the technology of the BT Group laboratories, which are always looking for new and ingenious ideas to find comfortable and functional solutions. The solar screens perfectly combine pure aesthetics and load resistance and are therefore able to withstand difficult weather conditions. They also guarantee coverage of even very large areas, offering different solutions for different needs.

Each project is carried out in the name of comfort and elegance and lends itself to aesthetic and functional customization solutions. Outdoor coverings, for example, can be chosen from the many proposals of the Fabrics Collection. As for the painting of awnings for terraces with side guides and for any other type made by the BT Group, this is done directly within the company. These are paints that guarantee maximum yield, brilliance and durability over time. Products and raw materials of the highest quality that ensure superior anti-aging resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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