Pergolas Without Poles

The pergolas without uprights are cantilevered aluminum structures with adjustable inclination, fireproof blackout PVC cover equipped with supports composed of double profiles. Structures through which it is finally possible to conceive the external space in a new way. These are not simple furnishing accessories for the outdoors, but real structures that have revolutionized environments, breaking down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Although the garden pergola continues to maintain its original function (create shaded areas), today this element has evolved into something more. Pergolas, in any meaning, have become the ideal solutions for transforming a simple outdoor area into a place of comfort and suggestive beauty. Sophisticated, but with simple and essential lines, the pergolas designed by BT Group are the result of sophisticated engineering calculations, created to study in depth wind resistance with reference to the Beaufort scale. This in fact identifies the possible meteorological situations and the eventual effects produced by the wind.

Pergolas without posts: practical, simple and functional

There are several reasons why you should choose a pergola without uprights:

  • Light – The pergola is an element born first of all to be able to create shaded areas, more or less large depending on the area and needs. Those without uprights can be installed with adjustable inclination, established according to the anchoring structure, the spaces to be covered and the size of the area to be shaded.
  • Comfort – thanks to the pergola cover without posts it is possible to obtain large shaded areas for total comfort. Particularly suitable for roofing of skylights and dormers, they are ideal for installation on any existing structure.
  • Evocative settings BT Group pergolas and pergolas can be accessorized with various options. Among these, the most requested are the lighting systems integrated into the structures themselves. LED line solutions available with white or RGB color, dimmable, which are able to create suggestive settings in the evening hours of the day.
  • Minimal design – a hallmark of BT Group projects, the structures of the garden pergolas are characterized by a minimal, clean, simple and linear design. A light and sophisticated structure, never weighed down by unnecessary decorative elements, which conveys the full sense of elegance and contemporary style.

Outdoor living

Independent solutions of style and distinction that allow you to create real outdoor living areas. In continuity with the structures to which they are anchored, they outline the transition between internal and external environments, like a sweet nuance of good taste. Garden pergolas without uprights are anchored to pre-existing structures thanks to arch supports in galvanized and painted steel, or with brackets and supports in painted steel.

The covers can be single-ply (or blades) with packaging operating with a toothed belt system and aluminum guides with minimal bulk, or in blackout and fireproof PVC. From small to large pergolas, the structures designed by BT Group are able to shade even large areas and outdoor spaces. Thanks to their versatility, they are used to recreate perfect outdoor living rooms, but also outdoor living areas and areas of relaxation and total privacy.

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