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Pergolas Plane and Self-Supporting

Aluminum pergolas are elegant style and functionality solutions, designed and built to create oases of shade outside the home. BT Group has conceived a special collection of pergolas specially created thinking about the different needs to be met. Structures that fit perfectly into different architectural contexts and that manage, with naturalness and simplicity, to enrich the outdoors with measured refinement. There are different types of pergolas that differ according to the type of structure, or the material used for the construction. Aluminum and wood are the main materials used in the construction of these minimal and linear works. Valuable materials, processed to ensure effective resistance to time and to different atmospheric conditions. There are also many different models that can be selected from the BT Group catalog. From front floor pergolas to flat and self-supporting pergolas, passing through modern and sophisticated solariums. Elements with a refined design that meet contemporary taste, thanks to the careful study of an expert team of designers and architects…..   Read more

Flat and self-supporting pergolas: the shape of elegance

The self-supporting pergolas are simple and quick furnishing solutions for the outdoors. They are structures that allow you to create spaces with a unique and inimitable character, hospitable and suggestive places. Gardens, terraces, penthouses, urban centers or shops, every space has the possibility of being fully enhanced, thanks to a self-supporting pergola for the garden, an independent structure, built from scratch.

The perfect combination of design design and refined materials, gives life to multiple solutions of pergolas to recreate real outdoor living areas. Self-supporting pergolas are versatile structures that allow many different uses. They can be closed both vertically and horizontally, giving the possibility to fully exploit the freedom of open spaces, or to remain closed and protected in a modern shelter.

Self-supporting pergolas: light, compact and elegant

Lightweight, with a linear and simple design, but always elegant and sophisticated, the self-supporting pergolas fit perfectly into any architectural context, enhancing its characteristics in a natural way. They combine design and technology and quickly solve any need for aesthetics and functionality.

The self-supporting pergolas in aluminum with PVC fabric are enriched by a complete customization that features a very rich color palette from the BT Group range. For all colors, from light to darker shades, each BT Group element is individually painted within the company itself. The painting plant is a cutting-edge tool for quality and eco-sustainability. The colors used guarantee an extraordinary brilliance and a degree of resistance and durability over time, salt and humidity, above the common quality standards. No solvent is used during painting. In this way, the BT Group demonstrates particular attention to both human health and respect for the environment. Furthermore, the degree of recoverability of the powders is just under 100%.

The garden pergola, in the BT Group meaning, is a scenographic and technologically advanced structure, which can be made of aluminum or wood with different covering solutions (PVC or blades).

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