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Pergolas Front Stands

The aluminum pergola represents the natural continuation of the internal environment, projected towards the outside. The ideal solution for enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about weather conditions, temperature, or prying eyes. To create suggestive and unique atmospheres, BT Group has always been the protagonist of the dialogue with the external environment, thus succeeding in creating innovative, contemporary solutions with an attractive design. Pergolas have revolutionized the way of living and conceiving outdoor spaces, creating an elegant and essential luxury that embellishes every outdoor scene and context. The BT Group outdoor solar roofs are a pure synthesis of style, quality of materials and innovation. Versatile and functional, they can be installed in any architectural context and guarantee high performance in terms of operation and resistance…..   Read more

Front upright pergolas: practical and functional outdoor coverings

There are different types of pergolas. Born with the intention of satisfying the most diverse needs, these structures have been characterized over time to fully meet the needs of contemporary style. The variants of the structures range from front pedestal pergolas to self-supporting ones. While the latter are constructions from scratch, the pergolas with front posts require support walls. The wall attachment transforms these sturdy structures into natural continuations of homes.

A simple and natural way to project the interior of a home, towards the outside. The method proposed and used by BT Group to anchor the pergolas to the supporting walls, involves a traction system with a high-strength toothed belt. The belt works on ball bearings and particularly silent carriages, so as to minimize the noise pollution of the entire system. Thanks to this innovative anchoring system, the aluminum pergolas with front uprights by BT Group allow you to create new covered areas, where you can spend pleasant moments in the garden, or on the terrace, during all seasons.

Aluminum pergolas: sustainability and resistance

BT Group is a company attentive to the needs of its customers, but does not forget the environment and the two needs. The materials used to make the pergolas are of the highest quality, guaranteed and certified for superior resistance and durability. Aluminum is one of the best materials for designing pergolas and pergolas. It is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, it reduces the impact of the material on the environment, at every stage of its life, from installation to disposal.

It is easily malleable and this feature allows it to be molded to your liking in the desired shapes and sizes. Even the most whimsical requests can be satisfied thanks to the ductility of aluminum. This feature does not undermine or undermine the resistance of the structure in the least.

In fact, aluminum is particularly durable over time, perfectly resists different weather conditions and requires very little (almost no) maintenance. All this makes aluminum one of the most suitable materials for the construction and installation of pergolas that adapt to any architectural context in terms of space, installation solutions and design.

External wooden covers

Not just aluminum! BT Group also offers a wide selection of front floor pergola models made of precious wood. Very high quality material, able to withstand the damage of wear and bad weather in an excellent way. Quality and technology combined to guarantee excellent products that require little maintenance and that can be easily installed in any setting. They give a touch of luxury and sophisticated elegance to any home, blurring the internal / external boundaries with simple style. Clean lines and minimal design meet the different needs of advanced requests. In structures designed with natural material, the twin beam, the front crosspiece and the wooden floor lamp are elements made entirely of wood, for an authentic and spontaneous effect. In addition, each pergola with front uprights has the innovative system integrated into the wood itself, for draining rainwater without any external encumbrance. A practical and elegant solution that solves various functional and above all aesthetic factors.

Motorized outdoor covers and side closures

All models of pergolas and pergolas in the BT Group range are equipped with retractable folding awnings, able to slide on lateral guides. This system allows you to adjust the opening, thus modulating the infiltration of sunlight and the passage of air and wind to your liking. The pergolas of the BT Group collection can be combined with various options. Among these it is impossible not to mention the side walls for the marginal closures. The best solution, but not the only one, is represented by beautiful and functional side windows which, among other things, also represent a simple and elegant way to erect a protective barrier against the heat of summer and the cold of winter.
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