Arm Awnings

Functional, practical and attention to detail: these are the awning arm of BT Group. In this section you can find a wide range of patterns and fabrics can meet different housing needs. Designed and built entirely by the company, the Group tends to BT arms provide an effective sunscreen and fit harmoniously in different architectural contexts, enhancing it. Choose the model that best suits your needs….   Read more
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Home automation solutions to manage curtain movement

Some models of arm awnings provide for the presence of an upper box, inside which the cover is housed every time the fabric is withdrawn. A box that combines functionality and technology. It is a steel tube around which the cover is rolled up, manually or mechanically and which is placed inside a rigid structure, called: “dumpster”.

The box is usually made of plastic or aluminum and protects the cover fabric from bad weather, atmospheric and corrosive agents. The box also houses any mechanical and electrical parts for moving the awning.

The arm tensioning system with motorized movement can be activated through the use of a simple multi-channel remote control. A simple click is enough to stretch or retract the front, always keeping the fabric in perfect tension. The lighting of the awning can also be controlled by remote control. The lighting system is integrated in the lower profile of the boxes and consists of LED strips with high illuminating power dimmable light. It is a practical and intelligent solution that perfectly meets the multiple needs of light under the awning.

Awnings with Arms: manual or mechanical handling

The awning cover can be moved, opened or closed, manually or mechanically. In the first case, the movement is activated by the intervention of an operator who acts directly on the crank lever, through a crank arm (which also adjusts the inclination, height and amount of shadow cast).

In the second case, however, the movement of the cover is mechanically operated using a small but powerful electric motor. The system is connected to the control of the structure with a remote control from which the impulse to activate the movement starts.

The outdoor arm awnings can be adjusted in extension and inclination. In whatever position they are placed, they always guarantee perfect tensioning of the cover sheet. In fact, the fabric has been designed to be able to withstand strong external stresses, such as sudden gusts of wind, or adverse weather conditions. Sturdy and effective in extreme dynamic conditions, the BT Group awnings with arms are structures with unparalleled performance.

Although they are able to extend considerably, managing to shade large outdoor spaces, the arm awnings remain particularly sober elements with minimal and elegant lines. A sobriety made possible also thanks to the presence of the invisible box that perfectly encloses every external element, mechanical and electrical.

Arm awnings: a rich catalog of models

The BT Group catalog offers a wide variety of models, structures, dimensions and materials. Choosing the right awning depends on a number of factors: size of the area to be shaded, aesthetic style to be respected or created, materials used according to the model. To choose in the most direct, simple and correct way, it is to rely on professional experts, such as the BT Group laboratories, who know how to find the most suitable solution for every need.

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