Pergola freestanding bioclimatic or leaning against the wall from aluminum researched and innovative design. Eaves perimeter from 20 x 20 cm. with integrated water collecting in the uprights. Cover with aluminum slats L H 22cm x 4cm adjustable from 0 ° to 140 °, complete with seals and lateral water drainage. On the basis of the orientation of the slats, the structure, provides total or partial protection from the sun, a perfect air conditioning, and safe shelter from the rain becoming a space always live. maximum dimensions of one single module L 20.4 x SP 6:00 mt. with only two outer uprights 20 x 20 cm. exclusive operation at low voltage linear motor. The structure, offers additional options, such as LED lights or towels draped, able to create synergies between the new environment and the surroundings, generating new solutions every original and personalized time. The supporting profiles allow the use of shading devices and windows that integrate well with the typical roller closures.



SINGLE MODULE – width 200 >>> 450, ledge 200 >>> 800;



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