A cutting edge design and a concentration of technology: a European patent is the basis of this new generation pergola. Thanks to our exclusive “on separate sheets” system, the assembly and maintenance of the individual strips of fabric is facilitated as they are managed as independent elements, with the possibility of space with different shades of color with a strong visual effect. The modules of this structure, multifunctional, can cover an area up to 10 meters deep, suitable to become the extreme appendix of homes or public places. Never before, the pergola becomes a piece of furniture of open spaces, extending the period of use of inserting location well in any environment both natural and architectural. Pergomaster, a perfect harmony: dedicated to all those who wish to live with elegance and emotion your outdoor space.



FORM SINGLE – WIDTH 200 >>> 500, BOSS 400 >>> 1200;

FORM DOUBLE – WIDTH 450 >>> 900, BOSS 400 >>> 1200;

TRIPLE FORM – WIDTH 750 >>> 1200 >>> BOSS 400 1200;

FORM QUADRUPLE – WIDTH 1100 >>> 1600 >>> 1200 BOSS 400.


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59 colori standard - 59 standard colors

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