The idea

A pioneering enterprise, products of excellence, the history and philosophy of Italy’s leading entrepreneurship: this is the essence of BT Group: The company’s identity is inevitably bound to the idea of a DREAM, a PROJECT that began at the beginning of the Fifties and that still continues to attain market goals.

Just like the best Italian stories, a man’s IDEA turned into a little craftsman’s workshop in the centre of Monza, in the heart of Brianza’s manufacturing district of the Post-Second World War years.

Thus, the company’s first core-business concerned upholstery and soft furnishings, a shoot in the economy that found fertile ground

Azienda BT Group

in a sector that was inevitably destined to expand.
During the Seventies, production shifted from that specific sector to solar protection and from this moment onwards, the company embarked upon an important development process until, in 1982, it turned into an industry with a plant in Lesmo. Time went by and business continued for two generations, acquiring the know-how and experience of the MEN-ENTREPRENEURS who forged the history of BT Group.

Since the Eighties, the second generation of DREAMERS-DOERS has been guided by Aristide Radaelli, responsible for the company’s recent expansion in terms of market line and product excellence. The technologically advanced industrial division covers an area of some 7,000 sq m. It is equipped with the most innovative machinery, an ultra-modern coating system that uses environment-friendly powder coatings, and a 2,200 sq m showroom.

At the beginning of the ’90’s, Radaelli had another happy inspiration whereby the company decided to create its own foundry, thereby achieving vertical integration of the entire production process for aluminium panels.
During these past 20 years, BT Group has successfully faced a continually evolving market and has constantly used the best industry trends to advantage. Expansion both in Italy and world-wide are the direct consequence of borderless corporate progress and important outlays for TECHNOLOGY, RESEARCH, INVESTMENTS and ENHANCEMENT OF HUMAN POTENTIAL.

The industial project

BT Sud was established in 2012, followed by BT Centro in 2013, while the corporate strategy of nearing the manufacturing facilities to the domestic target market proceeds alongside an increasing presence on the foreign markets, especially in Europe, Brazil, Canada, Middle East and Asia.

At the present time, BT Group is about to obtain ISO certification attesting, at international level, to the company’s optimum organizational management. INNOVATION has always played a prominent role in BT Group, which has registered numerous patents both in Italy and Europe.

In addition, investments in production plants and new technologies have allowed the company to create a complete cycle of services that include design engineering, manufacture and assembly of exclusively custom-made structures.

The results

2012 marked a crucial turning point for BT Group since there was an important increase in turnover compared with the previous year.

Not only does BT Group’s continuing success testify to a highly qualified production chain, where the entire process, from raw materials to creation of the finished product is controlled, but also to a desire to achieve the best outdoor furnishing design solutions.

A positive result guaranteed by new and innovative products of patented design that have been very well received by the customers. BT Group now numbers 110 employees with a manufacturing facility covering some 20,000 sq m.


As a further guarantee of BT Group’s acknowledged importance, the company is a member of EXO, the consortium for outdoor excellence to which the most prestigious Italian enterprises in the awning manufacturing, design and marketing industry belong.

BT Group is one of the members of EXO’s management committee and focuses on enhancing outdoor excellence bearing the “Made in Italy” label. Providing effective answers to the customers’ needs has always been one of the company’s commitments in its endeavour to propose a complete offer that includes the latest technological innovations available on the market, with special attention to eco-sustainability.

BT Group products are entirely Made in Italy, expression of quality, style and prestige guaranteed over time. Careful selection of the materials used and controls during the manufacturing process make BT Group not only a quality choice but a status-symbol that exalts the “100% Made in Italy” product.

The cornerstones on which the corporate philosophy is based are the focus given to design and use of environment-friendly materials that guarantee remarkable energy savings but, most especially, reduce environmental pollution.

BT Group’s green philosophy involves daily actions and decisions: the company offers a wide range of RAL colours and used the best brands of solar protection fabrics.

Social responsibility

BT Group is a responsible enterprise, thus social and ethical commitments are part of its corporate goals.

The company is well thought of in its area where it is one of the principal players, sharing the values and identity of the different associations and organizations to which it belongs, such as Confindustria and Compagnia delle Opere.

BT Group supports various sports and social initiatives in the Brianza district and has created important synergies with the most prestigious undertakings, symbols of excellence achieved in the area, such as Autodromo Nazionale Monza, of which it is now the official supplier.


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