Gazebos and Umbrellas

With the arrival of summer, there is nothing better than spending time outdoors. It is therefore important to be able to furnish outdoor spaces with care and functionality. In this way it is possible to have one’s own personal oasis of comfort and well-being en plein air, protected from harmful UV rays and the wind. Outdoor furniture requires elegance and contemporary style, functional and conscious management of spaces and a shaded area that guarantees shelter, protection and privacy. BT Group gazebos and umbrellas are the ideal solution for every external need. From the balcony, to the terrace, from the garden, to the attic, tents, gazebos and umbrellas are irreplaceable practical elements that can enrich any environment with style. They adapt perfectly to any setting: houses by the sea, in the countryside, in the city or in the mountains and offer a higher level of customization thanks to the many proposals of the BT Group Fabrics Collection.

Garden umbrellas: elegant, functional and simple solutions

Garden umbrellas are irreplaceable furnishing accessories during the summer. When the days light up, the temperatures rise and the desire to live outdoors multiplies, garden umbrellas become the best allies for an outdoor to be enjoyed.

An umbrella guarantees shading of large outdoor spaces, managing to cover several square meters of surface with its extension. The structures are firm and sturdy, designed and built to withstand light breezes, but also more adverse weather conditions.

Reliable and resistant solar roofs are unique outdoor furnishing elements that enrich any environment in which they are inserted with elegance. The BT Group proposals see a rich variety of structures ranging from arm garden umbrellas (such as the R565 umbrella) to rectangular garden umbrellas (such as the beautiful R566 umbrella).

R565 has a varnished wood structure for outdoor use, with ayous wood post, pine wood quick release slats and alder wood collar, crown and tip. While the R567 umbrella has a powder coated metal structure with an aluminum pole, aluminum ribs decorated with grooves, PE plastic caps, ABS plastic collar and crown and nylon tip. Products designed to resist wind and bad weather with firmness and strength. Very high quality products that see the use of innovative painting systems, which take particular account of human health and the well-being of the environment. The best garden umbrellas that can be chosen to embellish the home environment with an extra touch of elegance.

Garden gazebos: the shade you need

Garden gazebos represent a practical, simple and aesthetic solution to permanently shade large outdoor areas. They effectively protect against harmful UV rays, while offering shelter from wind and bad weather in case of light rain. An outdoor gazebo is ideal for creating comfortable areas where you can spend your days outdoors, but always away from sunlight. They also leave great room for creativity, allowing you to be equipped and furnished to your taste and pleasure.

Under the gazebos they can be furnished with outdoor seating, elegant armchairs and poufs, tables and chairs for lunches and dinners with friends and family. They are the symbol of summer and the possibility of enjoying the outdoors at any time of the day. The covers are usually made of fireproof PVC painted in different shades and colors according to your taste. Furthermore, the steel structures, very resistant, ductile and requiring very little maintenance, can be completed with sliding or fixed walls. The side walls are connected by means of special and sturdy connecting straps. The side awnings create refined and private oases of relaxation, in which to abandon oneself completely, hiding from the sight of prying eyes.


Gazebos and umbrellas represent the best, simplest and most functional way to enjoy your own open spaces. Simple but at the same time ingenious solutions that allow you to live outdoors during the summer, without having to worry about harmful UV rays. The solutions proposed by BT Group are not only decorative elements that embellish and embellish gardens and terraces, but are also functional, practical and comfortable structures.

They solve many problems related to outdoor life and allow anyone to enjoy their outdoor quickly and easily. Products guaranteed 100% Made in Italy, designed and manufactured in the company’s Italian laboratories. From design to painting, each phase is carefully followed and controlled by an attentive and prepared staff. BT Group also puts at its disposal its decades of experience and the know-how acquired in this sector, to better advise its customers in the choice of gazebos and garden umbrellas.

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