A leading company, products of excellence, history and philosophy of the best entrepreneurship made in Italy: This is the essence of BT Group. With great craftsmanship, the company has been able to put the artisanal heritage at the service of the taste innovation, responding to the ervoluzioni of the style and the needs of the most current trends in the market. Design modern, harmonious and functional design, modern comfort and minimal special effects, simple and particular ensure maximum usability of outdoor spaces that characterize all the sun tents by BT Group.


Every single tent, pergola and Vela is available in many variants, with the possibility of developing exclusive shapes, tailored to the extent. Custom made is an integral part of the company’s DNA, the flagship of a design and production capability, the index of an endless vitality and progress.The careful choice of the materials used, the controls of the productive phases, make BT Group not only a choice of quality but a status symbol that sublimates the product “100% made in Italy”.

The cornerstones of corporate philosophy are the care of design in the creations combined with the use of eco-friendly materials that guarantee a significant energy savings, but above all the reduction of environmental pollution. BT Group is a valuable company that does not leave out the inclusion of ethical and social commitment within its own business objectives. In fact, it supports several sporting and social initiatives, and in time it has launched important synergies with the greatest symbol of excellence.

Tenacity, passion and efficiency are always accompanied by the presence of BT Group on the world market in which, innovation and constant growth are oriented to maintain the customer’s confidence.

Tenacity, passion and efficiency have always accompanied
BT Group in the world market



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