Bioclimatic self-supporting pergola with a refined and innovative design. Perimetrical water drain cm. 20×20 for the outflow of rain water in vertical triangle poles. Roof made of aluminium blades L cm. 22 x 4 that can be orientated from 0° to 140°, complete with gaskets and lateral drain of water. The structure can offer a complete or a partial protection from sun, a perfect air-conditioning and an assured shelter from rain, becoming a real living space.

Maximal dimensions of single form: L mt 4.50 x projection mt. 5.00 with 4 triangle poles of cm. 20×20 only.
Working by linear motor low-tension. Availability of options as LED lights or curled curtains, generating synergies between the new and the existing environments, offering each time personalized and original solutions. Bearing poles consent the application of sun-breakers or glass doors.



SINGLE MODULE – width 200 >>> 450, ledge 200 >>> 500;



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